Litter "A" was born on 25. August 2015 out of:                        Int. Ch App-Gee Simonova Zahrada & Int. Ch Bethany

Parents are health tested:

Int Ch App-Gee Simonova Zahrada "ENCO"

Full and correct bite

HD-B ED-0    BAER +/+

DISH and spondy - CLEAR


PRA-prcd - N/N


Int Ch Bethany "BETTY"

Full and correct bite

HD-A  ED-0    BAER +/+

DISH and spondy - CLEAR


PRA- prcd N/N

PRA-rcd4 N/N

Male - MAXA

Angel Marko App-Gee - living in Serbia

Jch Serbia, Ch Serbia, Ch Romania, Ch Republika Srpska, Ch Bosnia and Hercegovina, International Champion

BAER +/+, HD-A   ED-0     DISH and spondy CLEAR


Avatar The Last Airbender - living in Slovenia

Doing agility and sheep hearding

BAER +/+

Male - LEXUS

Alexandar The Great King - living in The Netherlands

In At Kunama Kennel

Netherland Junior Ch, Benelux Winner 2016, Belgium Junior Ch, Dutch Champion, Champion of Serbia, Grand Ch of Serbia, Ch of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Ch of Romania, Ch of Transilvania, International Champion 

BAER +/+, HD - A  ED-0    DISH and spondy CLEAR


Aragorn II The Strider - living in Germany

Enjoying with his family

BAER +/+

Male - HUNK

Attila The Hun - living in Italy

Enjoying with his family

BAER +/+, HD-A   ED-0

Female - AYSA

Aysa The First Lady - living in The Netherlands

In At Kunama Kennel

Serbian Junior Champion, Netherland Junior Champion, Belgian Junior Champion, Dutch Champion, Belgian Champion, International Champion

BAER +/+

 Female - KINGA

Aminya Blue Kinga - living in Ireland

She is enjoing with her family and working on a cow farm.

BAER +/+

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